A course at Hudson High School creating tomorrow's:

Cinematographers. Filmmakers. Storytellers. 

I suppose teaching is in my blood because both my parents were once teachers in the greater Beaumont area. My mother was an English teacher while my father taught Drafting and Woodshop.


We lived in Beaumont, TX for most of my life until my family and I moved up to Huntington, TX.  There, I attended school and church, a place that inspired my love for audio.


Well, before fully plunging into the world of concert sound, I first graduated Huntington High School in '93 and started attending Angelina College in the fall.  I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to major in; all I knew is that I wanted something to do with teaching.  Life, unfortunately, did not have a traditional route for me to take in order to achieve that dream.


For awhile, I put school aside and decided that the production life was the one I desired to live.


In 1999, I started working for Sound Tech running concert sound, installing sound systems, and involving myself in various production gigs all over the East Texas Region.


My love for production led me to branch out from Sound Tech and create my own concert sound company; leading to the birth of Audio Works in 2001.


Production and concerts led to a thrilling lifestyle, but I couldn't escape the ache I felt about abandoning my passion to teach. In 2010, I decided to quit my job at the church I was working at, put Audio Works to the side a bit, and go back to school to earn my teaching degree.


It wasn't easy, but if I hadn't waited so long to go back to school, I never would have met the love of my life, Kalin.


In May 2011, both my wife and I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with our teaching degrees. Unfortunately at the time, Texas was going through a horrible recession especially in the education field.


I ended up returning to my job at the church, and married Kalin and adopted her Shih Tzu puppy, Romeo in December 2011.


I never gave up on my dream to teach though.  Fortunately in 2014, Hudson ISD made my dream come true by offering me a technology teaching position.  Since then, I've been the happiest man alive; not counting, of course, the moment I married my wife.